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3 Ways Water Saves Lives

These small gifts can provide a family or community with life’s simplest necessity.

A person can only live a few days without water. But in many parts of the world, access to water is scarce, and clean water is impossible to find. Many people, mostly young children, die of waterborne disease each year. This Christmas, you can bless a thirsty community with both a physical water source and hope in the Name of Jesus Christ.

1. Bring Clean Water to a Community

When Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas, many freshwater wells were contaminated by the massive storm surge. Families had no access to well water and no financial means with which to buy bottled water. Samaritan’s Purse set up community filtration systems, creating access to safe drinking water.

Your gift will help us bring water access to communities hard-hit by disaster, or villages where clean water is always hard to come by.

Bring Clean Water to a Community

2. Give a Filter to a Family

Turn on a faucet, and water comes flowing out. For many of us, the availability of safe, clean water in our homes is a daily blessing. But for others around the world, gathering water means a trek to fill heavy buckets from ponds or streams, and often results in bringing home contaminated water. Samaritan’s Purse is providing household water filters in remote communities to help reduce illness, alleviate suffering, and promote better health and hygiene. For just $100, you can bless a family with a water filter.

Give a Filter to a Family

3. Drill a Village Well

For families living in poor, isolated villages, a community well is the only source of water for drinking, watering their animals, cooking, bathing, and washing clothes. If the well runs dry, or becomes contaminated, residents are at risk of dehydration or disease.

For about $10,000, Samaritan’s Purse can drill a community well that will transform the lives of up to 500 people. That’s just $20 per person!

Drill a Village Well