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4 Schools in 3 Days! 

By the grace of God, last month we opened four brand new school buildings in Cambodia! These replace the four derelict sheds on the front cover.

And new buildings are just the start! With each new school, we launch literacy programs, which have historically improved literacy rates from 10% to 88%*.

Poverty and lack of resources prevent most teachers in rural areas from having adequate education qualifications. By providing training and the supply of computerised education, children are now able to overcome this obstacle.

It is you, our supporters, who make this a reality; giving children and whole communities a new hope and future. Thank You!

My Choeuy Channa, the deputy governor of the province of Banteay Meanchey, made an urgent plea to Samaritan’s Purse to help build a secondary school in a region where there are seven existing primary schools, some of which were built by us. The students of these schools were previously unable to graduate and continue their education, because their regions were too far removed from the nearest secondary school.

Their parents are so desperate to provide secondary school that they constructed a make-shift shelter. The education department can afford teacher salaries, but cannot afford a school building, hence the deputy governor’s plea.

Poverty is an ugly trap for so many millions of children globally, but education can provide an escape from this trap.

Together we can come to the assistance of children in Banteay Meanchey region who are desperate for education. Will you partner with us to build a middle school and implement literacy programs that are so impactful in the lives of children?



God bless you




Jorge Rodrigues
Executive Director
Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand


*End Line Survey, 2016, Samaritan’s Purse Cambodia