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4 Ways to Change a Life for Under $20

Sometimes simple gifts have the biggest impact. It doesn’t take much to abundantly bless someone else in need. Through the following gift ideas — all under $20 — these are gifts even your kids can help give to make a difference that will last long after your Christmas wrapping paper is thrown away.

1. Honeybees

Provide a family in Iraq, Kenya or Ethiopia with a starter hive, honeybees harvesting equipment, and other beekeeping supplies.

Give Honeybees

2. Disciple a Child

Your gift can provide discipleship materials, teacher training and a copy of God’s Word so a child can participate in The Greatest Journey.

Disciple a Child

3. Feed a Hungry Baby

Provide a week of food for a baby who is at risk of extreme hunger. Give them nutrient-dense food that will help their bodies develop.

Feed a Hungry Baby

4. Baby Chicks

Provide a family with a dozen chicks, a coop and basic veterinary care. Once the chicks are grown, each of them can lay up to 200 eggs a year!

Give Baby Chicks