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A dream comes true for Bat-Ulzii

Every line etched across Bat-Ulzii Davaatseden’s face tells a story. Sleepless nights worry and lost dreams are engraved deeply into his tough, wind battered skin. He has known only two realities: poverty and struggle.

2014 March News_Bat Ulzii

“This is the biggest opportunity I had in my life.” Bat-Ulzii and his family have a new start in life.

Bat-Ulzii lost his father at the age of six and, from that time on, had shouldered the burden of helping his mother care for the family. Life was never easy and, instead of playing with the other children, Bat-Ulzii spent his growing years working hard to help his mother put food on the table and earn enough income for the family. Bat-Ulzii was forced to abandon his long-held dream of owning livestock and farming. It was an impossible dream…

Bat-Ulzii grew up, married, and he and his wife had two children. Then came, “the winter of white death,” the worst winter in more than 30 years in Mongolia –  thick snow blanketed the grass and temperatures plummeted to -50°C. More than 9000 families watched on in horror and desperation as their cattle, sheep, goats and yaks either starved or froze to death.

In response to the crisis, Samaritan’s Purse came alongside despairing families giving them 10 heads of yak or 50 heads of sheep and offspring, training them in improved animal husbandry skills and teaching them how to maximise the potential of their animals.

At around this time, Bat-Ulzii intersected with Samaritan’s Purse and was given ten yaks – a valuable source of income. He was now able to support his family. Female yaks usually give over 3 litres of milk per day in milking season. At current prices, his family would be able to earn up to USD $3500 per year. What’s more, his yaks could be combed for wool, sold for meat or used for transportation.

Bat-Ulzii was overwhelmed. His childhood dream of owning livestock had become a reality and he felt like his life had started again. “This is the biggest opportunity I had in my life,” he told the team excitedly, “I will never forget…that through this project I saw Christians help poor people like us not to abandon our dreams.”