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Changing Lives in Cambodia

Samaritan’s Purse has been working in Cambodia for over 14 years to change lives through relief and development projects, bringing hope for a brighter future in Jesus’ Name. Below are a few inspiring impact stories from a handful of our projects across the country.

Clean Water Projects

In the village of Krasang in Cambodia, Hem Han and his wife used to travel one hour each way to reach the nearest water source. They could only bring home what they were able to carry, which was not always enough to meet their basic needs.

Then Samaritan’s Purse drilled three boreholes in Hem Han’s village, bringing water much closer to home. The boreholes yield enough clean water for all of the households in the community, enabling Hem Han and other families to have more time with their children and to tend to household responsibilities.

Access to clean water was life-changing for Hem Han, but the greater transformation was being able to pass on the knowledge he learnt through the Samaritan’s Purse hygiene training to others in his community. Through hand-washing and clean water lessons, Hem Han’s community was mobilised to operate and maintain the boreholes for future sustainability.

“Thanks to God so much for providing the boreholes and thanks to Samaritan’s Purse for supplying water for the entire community,” said Hem Han. “People will be able to save money for they do not need to buy expensive water anymore, and I have hope that they will see God’s work through these blessings.”

Towards a Brighter Future

Last year, Muok Ei was assigned as a Year 1 teacher at Lboek Svay Primary – a school in rural Cambodia. Rather than being excited about his new role, he was worried. Schools in Cambodia are chronically under-resourced and teachers do not get the support they need. School closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made teaching even more difficult.

Muok Ei was concerned that his students would not reach the learning benchmarks set by the Ministry of Education. But, Mouk Ei’s concern turned into joy when he found out that Lboek Svay Primary School was partnering with the Samaritan’s Purse We Can Read and Write (WCRW) program.

The program supports schools throughout rural Cambodia to resource students with study materials and literacy toolkits, and to equip teachers with specialised training in lesson planning, classroom management and effective teaching to provide quality, life-changing education.

Muok Ei was happy to be a part of this program because he understood that additional training would help him grow professionally as a teacher. He was also thrilled at the prospect of receiving new teaching materials to support his efforts, especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During the first semester, after receiving training and coaching from WCRW staff, I was so excited to teach my students. But then, COVID-19 came, and everything changed,” said Muok Ei. “We were struggling to know how to help our students effectively. We are so thankful to Samaritan’s Purse who walked with us during this uncertain and difficult time, and helped us find ways to help our students to continue learning in this season!”

Empowering Farming Families

Den was devastated when a drought ruined the rice fields he had worked so hard to cultivate. Den and his wife, Chreop, had no other way to support their four children, and they were buried under a mountain of debt.

Den and Chreop tried raising chickens to supplement their family’s income. Yet, without any training or previous experience, they weren’t successful. They still struggled to make ends meet and didn’t know what to do next.

In 2020, Samaritan’s Purse worked throughout impoverished Cambodian villages to bring relief to families like Den’s. Our teams implemented livelihood assistance projects to teach people trades, such as growing mushrooms or raising chickens or pigs, in order to help them earn a sustainable income and remain in their homeland.

In Den’s village, we trained a number of families in chicken farming as well as business management. Den was excited to join the classes and to try once again to raise chickens. He quickly learned skills such as feed making, coop designing, disease prevention and proper sanitation practices.

With help from Samaritan’s Purse, Den was able to successfully raise chickens and provide for his family. He was also eager to expand his chicken-raising business to ensure continued support for his wife and children.

“I am grateful to Samaritan’s Purse for not only offering me this new business, but for also providing a way for me and my wife to stay safely at home in our village with our children,” said Den.

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