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Ger churches for nomadic herdsmen

When church leader, Batzorig Avgaandorj, looks out across the rugged plains of central Mongolia, he reflects back to a time when the landscape was barren both naturally and spiritually…

Devastated by the brutal winter of 2010, the nomadic herders, stripped of their livestock, were broken and lost, unable to provide for their starving families.

Our initial response was emergency food, clothing and medical aid for the desperate families. Then, with the help of supporters, we started a livelihood recovery program to help the herders begin to rebuild their herds and get back on their feet.

Over time, as dignity was restored, many of the herders began asking about this “Jesus” who had brought Samaritan’s Purse to a lost, almost forgotten part of the world.

Their hunger was no longer for food, but to learn about Christ. However their nomadic lifestyle made it difficult for them to attend church.

When our Chairman and a group of supporters went to Mongolia to visit the livestock recovery program and saw this need, a new project was funded to provide ger churches for the nomadic families – portable, traditional structures for 30 or 40 people – that could move around with them and be used for church and other Christian activities.

The ger churches are one of the Samaritan’s Purse’s Christian Ministry projects that support and resource the church in the developing world.

Currently, Samaritan’s Purse is funding 10 ger churches in Mongolia, building several churches in Fiji to house new congregations and funding the discipling of tens of thousands of children in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific with The Greatest Journey, a course that teaches kids about God, faith and following Christ. We are very grateful to Bible League International for sponsoring the printing of The Greatest Journey materials.

But the need to resource the church in the developing world is huge, but there is a scarcity of funding for projects such as these.

The opportunities are many and the impact will amaze you… like in Mongolia where Batzorig Avgaandorj said…

“Rebuilding herds was important for these people but, more important was sharing Jesus and an understanding of the Bible.”

If you would like to support and help build the church in the developing world, please partner with us today.