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Samaritan’s Purse provides opportunities and resources for schools in Australia and New Zealand to provide students with a powerful learning experience and to make an impact in developing countries.

What our Schools’ Engagement Program does…

  1. Provides valuable real-world learning that shapes students’ world view
  2. Students become literate in issues related to relief and development
  3. Students see how relief and development work together with Christian mission
  4. Students learn that their lives make an impact in the world and it makes a difference to how they make decisions and do life.

Program Outline

Schools Representatives + application form

School Reps 

Schools have the opportunity to formerly partner with Samaritan’s Purse and participate in Discovery Trips 


In terms 1 & 2 schools are encouraged to have a “Day of Change”. It may be as simple as a Mufti day for a gold coin donation, or it may be more involved – maybe a day where students come to school dressed as teachers and teachers come dressed as students for example – this can be lots of fun with prizes for the best look-a-likes and other frivolities.

A Day of Change is a great way to engage students and to kick off the school year with Samaritan’s Purse.

Some great Day of Change opportunities

  • World Water Day – March 22nd – support programs for water
  • International Literacy Day – September 8th – support programs for education
  • World Health Day – April 7 – support programs for health
  • World Day Against Human Trafficking – July 30 – support anti-human trafficking programs
  • International Poverty Day – October 17 – support programs that help families get out of poverty


In terms 3 & 4 our schools participate in Operation Christmas Child, the largest program reaching out to children in the world with more than 100 million shoeboxes having been given to kids in impoverished circumstances worldwide since the program began in 1993.

In July pre-printed shoeboxes and other OCC resources are distributed to students and the fun begins! OCCtober is national collection month, (#OCCtober for social media). Shoeboxes that went out empty come back filled with gifts for kids in impoverished circumstances and are then taken to our warehouses for processing.

Student groups may volunteer and spend a few hours processing shoeboxes in our warehouses if desired.

Teacher resources available.

  • PRAY

    Pray that Jesus will bless our efforts, that we can be the feet and spread the good news to those hurting around the globe.
  • Give a gift that will have the biggest impact on the children and families we work with — bringing them practical care, food, and spiritual hope.