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Help feed the kids at Lai Chau Orphanage

$60,000 needed urgently for nutrition project.

For the last 5 years, we have funded a wonderful nutrition project and playground construction to help vulnerable kids at Lai Chau Orphanage in the remote Highlands of North Vietnam with their physical and mental development.

The nutrition project at Lai Chau is vital for the continued wellbeing of these children.

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There are 120 kids at the orphanage aged between 6 and 18 years old, and 51 of them are physically and/or mentally disabled. Many have been abandoned either because their parents are too poor to look after them or because of the stigma attached to people with disabilities in Vietnam.


Sadly, we have been unable to send our annual financial contribution this year due to a lack of funds for this project. We have a high level of governance and funds are only allocated according to the donor’s intent. For example, we cannot fund nutrition projects with funds that were donated for water or disaster relief.

We urgently need $60,000 to keep this project going or the orphanage will have to revert to the meagre amount of 50 cents US per day per child and the children’s health will suffer.  

Imagine trying to feed, clothe, house and provide schooling for a child on just 50 cents/day? 

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This valuable nutrition project, which includes rearing chickens and mushroom farming, needs to be sustainable, providing nutrients critical to the children’s mental and physical development and surplus produce that can be sold at the markets and provide additional income for the program. To achieve this, funding for at least 2 more years is critical.


Please help us fund this project urgently. The children’s well-being depends on it and this is the only way it can continue. Your contribution of any amount will help keep this vital project running.