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Helping Communities in Australia Cope with COVID-19

Samaritan’s Purse is responding to the ensuing economic impacts of COVID-19 by partnering with churches across Australia to provide care packages and immediate relief to people without work and basic living necessities.

Our Disaster Relief Team has come alongside churches in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia to support those hardest hit by unemployment and illness in their community.

5,000 Feeding Project

In New South Wales, Samaritan’s Purse is working with Global Impact Church, in Sydney to distribute free groceries during the COVID-19 crisis – an initiative called the ‘5,000 Feeding Project.’

We want to help over 5,000 people throughout Sydney with everyday essentials, working as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Through our partnership, the church has been able to supply bread, fruit and vegetables, canned goods, and hygiene products to people in need.

“One girl came to our food depot in tears,” said Aristotle Roberto, the church pastor. “She couldn’t believe there are people like us who are truly interested in helping her.”

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Samaritan’s Purse and Global Impact Church have been working closely with many vulnerable communities across Sydney. One of the hardest hit communities are international university students.

“The international students are here for great opportunities. They can’t go home in this time and they depend so much on the part-time work they do while studying to sustain their expenses in Australia,” said Aristotle. “Many of them have lost jobs in the hospitality industry, cleaning and retail. We see their struggle and we want to help.”

“We are so thankful for Samaritan’s Purse,” he said. “There are thousands of students who still need support. The partnership with Samaritan’s Purse enables us do so much more for these young people in the coming months.”

“Thank you for supporting students like me”

In Queensland, we partnered with Bridgeman Baptist Community Church to provide food hampers to hundreds of international university students in Brisbane.

“Many international students have been left without work and access to financial support in light of the COVID-19 restrictions,” said Jodie Traves, a pastor at Bridgeman Baptist. “We were praying for a way to feed these vulnerable students and we were blessed by the support from Samaritan’s Purse.”

So far, Samaritan’s Purse and Bridgeman Baptist have been able to provide 500 food hampers. “When we dropped off the hampers at the university, there were people were literally lining up to receive them,” said Jodie. “They were so thankful!”

A student from the university campus said, “A huge thank you for supporting students like me in these difficult times. Thanks to you, Brisbane feels like home.”

Please pray for our team as we continue to partner with churches to reach those struggling across Australia. Pray for these students and their families, that every hamper they receive carries hope and comfort in these challenging times.

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