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The floodwaters came suddenly and showed little mercy to Margaret’s community in North Haven, NSW. Her caravan home and almost everything in it was completely destroyed in the deluge.

“When the water started rising, I packed the front door with towels to keep it out,” Margaret said. “Then, I walked into the bedroom and the water was coming through the floor. The water was too high for me to leave.”

“I’ve never been in a flood in my life but I knew you were meant to put things up. So, I ran around putting my TV and other things up. But the water kept getting higher and I was standing there soaking wet.”

In the early hours of the morning, Margaret’s neighbours came to check on her.

“It was about 3am. They knew I was there because I had candles burning. They rescued me and helped me get my medication,” she said. “As we went down the street, I looked over at my house and went ‘oh no.’ The water was above the windows – there goes everything I moved up.”

Even when the floodwaters subsided, Margaret was unable to move back into her caravan home because of safety hazards from the growing mould. Temporarily, Margaret shifted between a friend’s house and her daughter’s.

“I’m not good at asking for help. I was just going to do it all myself,” Margaret said. “But my daughter, Lisa, helped me reach out for help.”

When Samaritan’s Purse volunteers arrived at Margaret’s caravan home, they saw the wet, muddy remains on the walls and kitchen cabinets.

Despite losing so much, Margaret was in good spirits. She told our volunteers that she was more worried about others in the community who needed help than herself.

Our disaster relief volunteers worked hard removing walls, flooring, kitchen cabinets and spraying for mould. Then, they carried everything from there, loaded it up in a trailer, and unloaded it at the nearby rubbish tip.

“The volunteers have come and done everything for me,” Margaret said. “I’m overwhelmed. I thought there are other people worse off than me because I’ve never been in this situation before but now I know what a wonderful lot of people there are in this world.”

“You’ve helped with the bushfires, with floods, with earthquakes – you’ve helped with so many things and now you’re helping me!”

Among the volunteers who worked on Margaret’s home was Kerry, a nurse from New South Wales. Kerry knows that life can change suddenly when unexpected situations occur and has experienced first-hand the difference it makes to have helping hands in tough times.

“I love serving with Samaritan’s Purse. Jesus has loved me so much and my way of loving Him is by serving others,” Kerry said. “Through disasters like this, we have an opportunity to serve our community tangibly by being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.”

Kerry encouraged people to come out and volunteer and not only bless people in need, but to also be blessed.

“We’re helping homeowners when they’ve lost everything and their lives have been turned upside down. We’re here to show them God’s love in a hands-on way. Once you volunteer one time, you want to keep doing it.”

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