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Hope in Orange Shirts After the Flood

Back-to-back days of torrential rain in mid-March sent flood waters gushing through New South Wales, swallowing homes and leaving countless families in distress. In the week before Easter, Samaritan’s Purse deployed two of our Disaster Relief Units to Hawkesbury and Port Macquarie to help flood victims overwhelmed by the damage and debris.

The unprecedented rain spawned floods so deep that residents had to evacuate and even be rescued by boat.

These floods inundated many communities that were still recovering from last summer’s horrific bushfire season.

As it receded, the black water left behind widespread damage. Many families were overwhelmed by their losses and our teams worked to reassure them that God is with them.

Malcolm and Kristy were at home in North Haven when the floodwaters started rising through their property where they lived with their two young children.

“I was awake from 12.30am and checking the water levels every half hour,” Malcolm recalled. “It rose very quickly and suddenly it was coming through the floorboards. I took my son upstairs to wait it out and tried not to think about the water coming in.”

Thankfully, the family was safe on the upper floor of their double-story house. The water was so high that Malcolm and Kristy had to wait for a few days before facing their sodden home. Without insurance, the prospect of making repairs seemed impossible.

Samaritan’s Purse teams went to work in the Name of Jesus Christ to help Malcolm and Kristy, and many other families. Our volunteers removed the waterlogged walls and kitchen cabinets for Malcolm and Kristy, and sanitised the house to prevent mould growth – accomplishing in two days what they said would have taken them months.

“You have enabled us to move forward,” Kristy said. “We’re so impressed not only by the work you’ve done but the incredible effort from each of the volunteers.”

We are so thankful for all our volunteers who came together from across the country to help flood victims. We praise God for the opportunities He gave us to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

We also thank donors, like you, for your partnership! Your support makes it possible for our Australian Disaster Relief team to continue bringing hope to hurting Australians whenever a disaster, such as a flood or bushfire, strikes. Your generosity and servant heart has helped restore hope for so many and shared God’s love in a tangible, practical way.

Our disaster response in Mid North Coast, NSW, has now concluded (as of 5 June). We praise God that our teams of over 200 volunteers were able to help over dozens of homeowners. To read more stories from our Australian Disaster Relief team, click here.  

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