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How Your Support is Freeing Victims of Sex Trafficking

When she was 14 years old, Oey went to Bangkok to search for her mother. Her parents had separated when she was younger, and she had been living with her father for years. But when Oey found her mother, she faced the heartbreaking reality that her mother was not interested in a relationship with her.

rahab_story_DSC3954-480x720So 14-year-old Oey was left roaming the streets of Bangkok with no money, no job and no family. At the suggestion of a friend, she got a job at a massage parlour. But when she found out that she couldn’t earn enough money there, she was forced to start working in Bangkok sex clubs.

Months later, while Oey was walking down a dark street, a gunfight broke out and Oey found herself in the crossfire. She was so frightened that she called out to Jesus to save her and walked away completely uninjured!

Oey had heard about the work of our partner organisation, Rahab in the past, but had resisted any invitation to receive help. But a few days after the shooting, Oey showed up. This began a long process of recovery as she dealt with issues such as abuse, rape and neglect. Today, Oey is reaching out to other exploited women involved in sex trafficking through Rahab.

Oey’s story is just one example of the many lives that have been changed – and are being changed – through your support of our anti-trafficking and vocational training programs. So thank you for your continued support which helps make this ministry to victims of sex abuse possible.

On behalf of the countless young girls like Oey, who are being given another chance through Rahab and our other ministries, thank you for your part in this very important work!