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Incredible opportunity to build two schools for $90,000


Dear friends,

On 14 February, we contacted you, our amazing supporters, to help us reach a huge goal of $90,000 in only 9 days to build two brand new schools in Cambodia.

We have been overwhelmed by your response and are delighted to share that we reached the target of $90,000!

Your generosity means that 500 children every year in Cambodia, will now have access to quality education and have hope for their futures.

We praise God for you and this opportunity, and we look forward to giving you updates as these schools are built over the coming months.

Thank you to everyone who has given, we are so grateful for your generosity and support.

God bless you

Original article posted 14 February 2018

Dear friends,

Because of a generous embassy grant and the support of one of our friends of the ministry, we’re only $90,000 short to build two brand new schools in impoverished villages in Cambodia.

One of the conditions of the embassy grant is that we find the balance of the money by 23 February. This seems a huge amount to raise within the next 9 days.

However, this is achievable if we all partner together to reach out to children in these villages. If 1,000 donors give $90, or 100 donors give $900, or 10 donors give $9,000, we could reach our target. By participating in this exciting project, you will be impacting 500 children by the end of this year when the two schools are complete. And you will be blessing 500 children every year for decades to come.

Besides building the schools, our plan is to provide a library, clean water, and latrines. We will also look at implementing literacy programs to ensure all children receive quality education.

Currently children attend school in dilapidated old shacks (see photo below); however, through your partnership we can build new schools, such as Tatrei School built last year.

We have 9 days to reach our goal. Will you step in to fill the gap today to give these wonderful children access to quality education this year?

God bless you

Jorge Rodrigues
Executive Director
Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand