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Joy for Srey Ka

On a Discovery trip to Cambodia in 2013 we met 11-year-old Srey Ka. For years, this little girl had nursed a broken heart.  At the tender age of six she lost her daddy and had never quite recovered – she had not laughed or smiled since.

But all this changed. Last year she was handed a shoebox filled with precious gifts lovingly sourced and packed by a family in Australia and given an opportunity to attend The Greatest Journey – a 12 lesson discipleship course. As the course progressed, she was able to grasp the concept that while her earthly father was no longer present, she had a heavenly Father who loved her deeply.

To Srey Ka, this was the greatest discovery. It was a ‘light bulb’ moment. Today, she says she is a different girl and can smile and laugh again.

Srey Ka shared her transformation with others at school. Some of the children made fun of her initially, but were amazed at her reaction. In the past she would have responded in anger, but instead she said she chose to love them which resulted in them asking if they could go to church.

So excited about her changed life and the impact her new faith was having on others, Srey Ka travelled for an hour with her teacher so she could tell us her story.