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Maternal and Child Health

The anticipation of giving birth is often far from joyous for women living in remote, poverty-stricken villages.

Many wrestle inwardly, plagued by the gnawing dread of complications during birth, and aware that they may not get to enjoy the child they carry inside them. Something as simple as a breeched baby can quickly turn into a fatality for mother or child; both may die due to a lack of medical attention.

In some remote parts of Cambodia, women mostly give birth at home with the help of traditional midwives who do not have any medical training. Transport to the nearest health clinic is often either on the back of a motorbike or on an ox wagon. If a mother is experiencing a difficult birth, it’s often too late by the time they reach medical assistance.

In the Kratie province of Cambodia, there is a dire need for simple maternity wards to be built adjacent to existing day clinics. This enables women to be cared for well ahead of the birth date and to give birth with the help of trained medical personnel.

In the last 12 months we have built three maternity wards, which have been a huge blessing to the population of many villages and are saving lives, as well as taking the fear out of the birthing process for mothers living in remote areas.

But, there is a vast need for more of these small maternity wards. A few weeks ago, we attended the opening ceremony of a maternity ward in the Kratie province. It was a touching moment as we heard speaker after speaker on the podium thanking us for the provision of this life-saving facility.

Straight after the ceremony, we were whisked away by Im Phearith, the Director of Kratie Operational District Health Department, on an impromptu side trip to an existing, extremely poor facility on the banks of the Mekong River. The Mekong River floods annually—some years more than others—and during the wet season, access to this centre is often only by boat. However, the real problem is that the facility itself floods, with up to a few metres of water running through it at times. When they constructed the building, they remembered to elevate the water pump a few metres off the ground, but not the building. A new centre is urgently required here.

But besides this centre, we would like to build an additional 15 maternity wards as soon as possible. This is a project that will save many lives and will also support mothers and whole communities with better health services. Each of these centres costs approximately $65,000 to build depending on the exchange rate, including all necessary equipment. Too much for any one donor to give but together, with thousands of gifts of $100 or more, we can help in Jesus’ Name and get the job done.

Please consider partnering with us in projects like this, as well as other maternal and child health projects in other nations, by sending us a gift today.

Thank you for your support.

God bless you.