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Serving In The Flood – Goodna, Ipswich QLD

Southeast QLD and northern NSW have been devastated by unprecedented catastrophic flooding.  In Queensland alone, the deluge delivered over 80% of the state’s annual rainfall within 3 days, with more than 30 suburbs receiving over 1000mm of rain over that short time period.  

This has resulted in at least 21 deaths, over 20,000 homes affected, and tens of thousands of residents evacuated, with homeowners returning to find their homes and belongings damaged by high levels of sewage-infested blackwater.

Since early March, Samaritan’s Purse disaster response teams have been responding in Goodna, Ipswich QLD, comforting, assessing, and creating work-orders to provide urgent and much-needed recovery to flood-damaged homes.  

In the wake of these devastating floods, Samaritan’s Purse is privileged by donors, church partners and volunteers to serve the affected community of Goodna in an impactful way with labourers, site-leaders and office administrators coming together to assist homeowners in removing flood-damaged furniture, cabinetry, walls, and floors as well as sanitising timber frames to prevent mould ingress.

Barry, a homeowner on Mill Street, Goodna, was present for the historic 2011 floods and recounts the despair of being revisited by disaster.  

“The lowest part of Mill Street was starting to flood, so I organised with a friend who owned a van to come over and help me take a couple of belongings out to north Ipswich, we came back on the Saturday night to take some more things, but unfortunately the roads had already been cut off, and by Sunday morning, I found it that it had been completely flooded, it came up about 1.5-2m they reported.”

“It wasn’t till about a week later that the water had receded, Once I could get the door open, it looked just like mud chocolate combined with the stench of sewage.”

Having performed a lot of the initial removal of flood-damaged furniture, cabinetry and plasterboard walls on his own, Barry’s home was among the first work-orders organised by the disaster response team, assisting in the tedious removal of nails, screws and industrial adhesive on the remaining timber frame, followed by a cleaning and sanitisation process to prevent the onset of toxic mould.

“To all the volunteers, a big heartfelt thank you from everyone here, without you we would still be here struggling.”

Barry – Homeowner on Mill Street, Goodna QLD

Wayne Ritchings, Program Manager commented on the community’s reaction in Goodna, “It’s about getting these homeowners back on their feet, many of them are traumatised and have nowhere to start, Samaritan’s Purse can give them the start they need.” 

With a long road to recovery ahead in Goodna, Samaritan’s Purse has so far completed over 25 homes and has recorded 65 work-orders to date.  This has been made possible by generous donors, church partners and over 100 volunteers coming together, helping in Jesus’ Name.

Please continue to pray for those who have lost so much, and for our team as they continue relief efforts on the ground as the flood waters begin to recede.

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When disaster strikes, will you answer the call? The Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Response Team is now seeking volunteers to assist affected families and properties in the Goodna, Ipswich Area.

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