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Restoring the Joy of Motherhood

WOMEN IN POOR COMMUNITIES wrestle daily with the fear of complications during childbirth, painfully afraid that they may never enjoy the baby that moves inside them. It doesn’t have to be this way says Cissie Graham Lynch, grand daughter of Dr Billy Graham in the video below. You can help build a maternity ward in a remote village, save lives and restore the joy of motherhood.

In remote villages, women generally give birth at home with the help of the village midwife who has no medical training. If difficulties occur, medical help is often hours away and the only way of getting there is on the back of an ox wagon or motorbike.

By the time they reach the health centre, all too frequently it is too late- a breech baby can quickly become a fatality for both mother and infant without skilled medical assistance.

The desperate need of women in poor communities is to have a place to go when she is close to her due date where they can stay and give birth to her baby in safety with the help of trained medical personnel.  The solution is simple – maternity wards attached or adjacent to existing medical day clinics. Please give and help save lives.

Help Fund a Maternity Ward