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Project Boost –  Will You Help Us Reach 1,000 Aussie Farmers?

You may have heard our partners, Vision Christian Radio, promoting a joint initiative with Samaritan’s Purse, called Project Boost. A seasoned farmer was recently telling us about his experiences over a lifetime on the land. There were good times, for sure, but there were also droughts, floods and fires, too. But through it all, he told us that he’s maintained real peace and joy. How? By taking his eyes off the problem, looking to God in prayer, and through the encouragement and help of others.

That conversation sparked a question. What if we could not only give practical help, but also release the power of encouragement during our current drought?

The farmer in this story has provided funding to purchase $100,000 worth of grocery gift cards as “seeds of kindness” to be shared across drought stricken Australia through churches. This amazing act of generosity will bring a boost in several ways; helping local churches to reach out with encouragement, prayer, and some very practical help. It will lift the spirits of those affected by drought, and the cards will be spent in local stores boosting local business.

Will you help us raise another $100,000 so that we can reach a total of 1,000 farming families with $200 grocery gift cards?



Thank you partnering with us as we support our local farmers.

If your church is in a drought affected area, please click here to learn more about the program.