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Providing protection against human traffickers

In the time it takes to read this letter, two children have been trafficked. Children like Chey Dee.

At age 16, Chey Dee travelled illegally from Cambodia to Thailand with a broker who promised her a good job.  On arrival she was abused by her employer, forced to work long hours and never paid.  “I was treated like an animal,” she recalls.

Thankfully, Chey Dee managed to escape and return to Cambodia.  But many others remain trapped in slavery… and every minute two more kids are trafficked.

Education saves lives where human trafficking is rife.  That’s why Samaritan’s Purse, with your faithful support, funds programs like Safe Migration and Trafficking Awareness (SMTA).

SMTA, shared by local volunteers and through radio broadcasts, teaches people to recognise the methods of traffickers – like lures and false promises – and the dangers of migration.  It also explains how to respond or seek help if you become a victim of trafficking.

Chey Dee now listens to SMTA broadcasts so she can avoid being trafficked again.  “Every week, a group of us meet together to listen to SMTA on the radio so we can learn how to live and migrate safely.  If I do have to go back to Thailand for work, I know how to stay safe now and I’ll take legal travel documents.”

Khea Sreng, the School Director of Sok San Primary School in Tatouk Village, Cambodia, says SMTA is vital for school aged children.

“I’ve seen many students withdraw from school because they’ve been offered high salaries, marriage proposals and other dishonest promises abroad. SMTA helps students and their families make informed decisions, protect themselves and seek help if they have problems.  Please continue this program in our schools in the future!”

A village near Poipet recently discovered how SMTA training helps protect their most vulnerable members from harm.  Six strangers went house to house saying they were helping poor families.  They didn’t explain where they were from or what they were doing.  But they gathered young children and collected blood from them.

Some villagers, trained as SMTA volunteers, approached the strangers and questioned them using the skills they had learnt at SMTA training.  They were unable to answer and quickly left the village.

Human trafficking and exploitation is widespread in South East Asia.  But with your generous help and prayers we can empower people at risk and vulnerable communities through programs like Safe Migration and Trafficking Awareness, so that more lives can be spared.

Thank you for standing with us to save lives, protect people at risk and empower vulnerable communities to live in safety.  Your faithful friendship is greatly appreciated.