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Rebuilding After the Winter

During Mongolia’s catastrophic snow disaster of 2010 when nomadic herdsmen lost millions of animals from their herds, Khurel lost his entire herd of 450 cattle, sheep, goats and horses – making it impossible to provide food and income for his wife and two children.

But, thanks to you, Samaritan’s Purse has been working to assist Khurel and many other nomadic herdsmen to rebuild their livelihoods since 2010 and we are still very actively engaged in helping the herdsmen recover their livelihoods.  And with your help Khurel has been given the precious gift of ten yaks, (5 adult yaks with offspring), to start rebuilding his livelihood.

“I’m so grateful to you for the animals,” says Khurel.  “You’ve made a huge investment in our lives.  Now, I want to help others in my village who are poor and suffering because of the snow disaster.”

As you know, the fight against poverty and injustice takes time.  And long-term change happens little by little, month by month.

That’s why we’re so grateful for your commitment to help victims of war, famine, natural disaster, poverty and disease – not only in Mongolia, but in other nations throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific where we work.

Thank you for letting us stand with you.  And thank you again for your commitment to bringing genuine change to the poorest of the poor.  You’re a valued member of the Samaritan’s Purse family and it’s truly a privilege to work alongside you.