On October 12, consecutive months of record rainfall in central Victoria came to a head when the region’s Murray-Darling system of rivers and creeks breached, impacting over 15,000 residents.

Since October, more than 190 volunteers have given 7,300 hours to assist over 110 families in need. We thank God for our church partners and volunteers, including students and teachers from several schools who have come together to serve the communities of Echuca and Rochester in Jesus’ Name.

Volunteers served as the hand and feet of Jesus to help those whose lives have been devastated by chaos, helping impacted families clean up their properties, some tasks include.

  • Debris clean-up
  • Mucking out flooded homes
  • removing damaged walls, cabinets and flooring
  • Mould removal and sanitasation

We served the Echuca and Rochester communities in Jesus’ Name.

  • 87

  • 111

  • 194

  • 7,368


Hope for What is to Come

October, 2022

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