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In the aftermath of widespread flooding and storms devastating Vietnam late last year, our teams have been on the ground bringing relief to suffering communities in the Quang Binh and Quang Nam provinces.

Between October and December 2020, nine tropical systems swept the nation, including Super Typhoon Goni and Typhoon Vamco. The storms caused severe damage across Central Vietnam, killing over 180 people and over 1,800 livestock, destroying over 100 hectares of crops, and displacing thousands of families.

With everyday supplies washed away by the floods, our teams distributed emergency recovery kits to these families to help sustain them as they began the road to recovery. The items included kitchen supplies, blankets, mosquito nets, food packages, hygiene kits and other relief supplies.

Tran Thi Thu, a ten-year-old girl whose family was heavily devastated, said, “Of these items, my favourite is soap because it can help protect my health well. When I received this box, I felt very happy.”

We were able to reach people in isolated villages across the two provinces who lacked support and resources. Thien, a grandmother raising her two-year-old granddaughter by herself, said, “The storms these past months devastated our house and crop fields. My granddaughter and I were so happy to receive these food items today. This kit will sustain the two of us for the coming days.”

Thank you for your prayers and support throughout our response. Through the partnership of people like you, we are able to meet the immediate physical needs of families affected by disasters worldwide.

“We know that in the midst of the mess, God’s light shines brighter. We have seen that through our response. On behalf of Samaritan’s Purse and Vietnam, we would like to say thank you for your significant and great support,” said Nguyen Trang Quynh, Health Project Manager of Samaritan’s Purse Vietnam.

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When disasters strike, Samaritan’s Purse responds quickly to bring relief to people in need. Your gift today can help us provide a lifeline to a family that has lost everything, to help them get back on their feet.

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