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Shaping Young Minds

LANG SREYNUTH always knew she wanted to become a teacher. Growing up in a rural village near Kauk Prech, Lang saw the need for a better education in her community.

After finishing her undergraduate studies, she had 2 years of teacher training in 2015. Lang is now concluding her second year of teaching 1st and 4th grade students at Kauk Prech Primary School.

When she first started teaching at Kauk Prech, Lang was faced with the dilemma of a long commute to work from her home village, 10 kilometers away. However, this did not stop Lang from dedicating herself to the students. She chose to move to a house closer to the school because of her passion to educate her students.

While many new teachers find the first year of teaching difficult and trying, Lang recalls her beginning feeling quite differently. “I was so happy and excited to begin teaching. This had a lot to do with Samaritan’s Purse already being involved with Kauk Prech school when I started”, she said. “Unlike many other schools, I had materials to work with to teach the children because of Samaritan’s Purse. They were having fun learning and I was having fun teaching them”, Lang said.

Because of Samaritan’s Purse We Can Read, We Can Write program, literacy tools, tablets, and computers have been provided; as well as teacher training to maximize use of these materials. As a direct result, literacy rates in primary students at Kauk Prech increased from only 5% of students being functionally literate to 70% in just one year.  With the tools and materials available, passionate and driven teachers like Lang Sreynuth have the means to effectively impact young lives and educate the children of Cambodia.

Lang described her vision for her students when she said, “I want my students to have the knowledge they need to get good jobs and support themselves. I want them to feel encouraged and happy at school.” To lead by example, Lang is furthering her education to ensure she gives her students her best, by studying Khmer literacy at the graduate level. Lang said, “I want to say thank you to Samaritan’s Purse for helping our school. Students are enjoying school and it’s because of your help. Thank you.”

Inspiration is contagious, and because of Samaritan’s Purse and willing community members like Lang Sreynuth, student’s lives are being changed for the better.