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Small Seeds Grow New Lives!

From a single vegetable garden, Panhneohn now has a sustainable income.

From a single vegetable garden, Panhneohn now has a sustainable income.

Gifts from generous supporters are giving people like Panhneohn the opportunity to create sustainable, small businesses that provide food for their families and generate additional income that enables them to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future.

Panhneohn lives in Kampong Chhnang, a rural community in Cambodia, with his wife and children. Life for the family was a daily struggle against crushing poverty. Until help came in the form of Seeds of Hope – a project funded by Samaritan’s Purse.

Seeds of Hope gave Panhneohn the initial training, some basic tools and enough seedlings to start his own vegetable garden. Through hard work, Panhneohn’s garden thrived. Soon it produced enough vegetables for him to feed his family and have vegetables left over that he could sell in his local community!

Some additional training in marketing and budgeting equipped Panhneohn with the skills he needed to manage his growing business. He soon saved enough money to buy more seedlings.

From a single vegetable garden, Panhneohn now has five vegetable gardens, a fish pond and a growing herd of cows. His family is well fed, his children are in school and he has a sustainable income from market gardening and farming.

With generous gifts from supporters and our monthly partners, together we will provide a fresh start and the chance to create a future free from poverty, for thousands of families like Panhneohn’s, who just need a hand up  to find hope and stability for the future.