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Thank You for Bringing the Gift of Clean Water

Fifteen-year-old Seh and his friends found an abandoned warhead near their village. Not realising what it was, they thought it would be fun to play with.

When it tragically exploded Seh was nearly blinded and lost both of his arms.

Seh is now married with five children but his handicaps cause hardship and poverty for his family. Since he can’t work, he and his family are dependant on his wife, Tan. Her only option is to go and work across the border in Thailand, returning for a visit every three months to bring money to her family.

Seh’s children have often been sick with diarrhoea and stomach aches caused by dirty water. Life was a constant struggle because they had no money for medicine.

In March 2011 Samaritan’s Purse brought clean water to Seh and Tan’s village. Thanks to your generosity, Seh and Tan now have their own BioSand Water Filter (BSF). They drink and cook with clean water and are very happy that diarrhoea is no longer a problem for them and their children.

Your support is life-changing for Seh and his family – without you, this wouldn’t be possible.