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Thank you for helping to reach out to 620 farming families through Project Boost!

We are well on our way to reaching 1,000 Aussie farmers with Project Boost. So far, we have been able to raise sufficient funds to reach out to 620 farmers! We now have 59 churches in drought affected areas visiting farmers to encourage them and to present them with $200 grocery gift cards.

We initially planned on partnering with just 50 churches, but we are still getting requests from new churches on a weekly basis.

We have heard wonderful accounts from our church partners about how the gift cards have been received by farmers. One church recently wrote that when they met a young couple with two little boys, their reaction was, “Why would anyone be so kind with no strings attached?”.

On another occasion, a farmer who was prayed for by a church member received the gift card and just stood speechless for a while. She then said, “No one gives us anything, we are always giving out”. She was happy to be prayed for and thankful for the gift card.

We are so grateful that Vision Radio partnered with us on this project and we are also very thankful that God touched the heart of the farmer who was the first donor for this project and kicked it off with a $100,000 gift.

Thank you to everyone who has generously given to this project. If you haven’t given to this project and would like to, there is still opportunity to donate as we are hopeful of reaching 1,000 farmers. Please click below to donate.



If you are a church in a drought affected area and would like to apply for gift cards, please click here.