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Turn on the Tap and save lives!

In a small rural village, a mother watched as her 13-year-old daughter jumped on the family’s rusty metal bike, strapped an old jerry-can to the luggage rack and rode down the track to fetch water from the nearest well – 3 kms away.

She waited patiently for her daughter to return with a full jerry-can. But she never did.

Panicking, the distraught mother gathered the neighbours and together the small group trekked the well-worn path in search of her daughter. When they arrived at the well, her heart seized. On the ground lying next to the well was her daughter’s bike and no sign of her daughter. She searched the area, but all she found in the bush nearby were remnants of her daughter’s clothing.

Fathima’s* daughter has never been found. Over the past five years, this region has experienced a slew of rapes and murders amongst young women in particular. It’s heartbreaking.

Samaritan’s Purse installed a well in Fathima’s village.** It was a practical solution that would not only provide the community with clean, fresh water for drinking and irrigation, but would help reduce the risk of attacks on young girls.

For Fathima, the installation of a well near to her home was bitter sweet. “If this was done 2 years ago, my young daughter would be with me now. But I thank God for saving others from the plights,” she told Samaritan’s Purse staff.

There are many women out there just like Fathima who are in desperate need of safe water access. We feel compelled to reach out to communities in the many developing countries where we work. By giving to our annual Turn on the Tap Water Appeal, you can help save a life.

Your gift will provide wells, BioSand filters, rain water tanks and essential sanitation and hygiene training. You will save lives and, as in Fathima’s case, help reduce the risk of gender based crime in regions where evil men terrorise populations.

*Name has been changed for her protection.

**We cannot mention the name of this village or country so as not to jeopardise our work or the lives of people.