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Urgent need to increase medical preparedness!

In April 2016, hundreds of people died and many more were seriously injured when Ecuador was struck by a severe earthquake. Within a week, Samaritan’s Purse International was able to fly a new field hospital and an expert medical team into the devastated area.

The field hospital has a 24/7 emergency room that can manage one hundred patients per day, as well as two operating theatres, two 30-bed wards, and a fully-stocked pharmacy.

This quick and professional response to reach out to helpless victims was made possible due to the good planning and preparedness of Samaritan’s Purse International.

However, in our part of the world Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand is completely unprepared for any significant medical response!

We need to urgently develop medical capacity to enable quick and effective responses to disasters in our region.We also need to provide ongoing medical support to impoverished villages in Cambodia and Vanuatu, where we continue to work since deploying last year in response to Cyclone Pam.

Cambodia has one of the world’s weakest medical systems, mostly due to the genocidal policies of the Pol Pot regime.

Dr Tharanga from Samaritan’s Purse Cambodia sees short-term medical missions from Australia/New Zealand as vitally important to improve the health of many desperately needy people, who would otherwise not receive any medical assistance.

Dr Tharanga will also organise for Australian/New Zealand medical teams to provide much-needed upskilling for young medical students in Cambodia, asthe training they receive is very limited.

Please will you consider partnering with us as we strive to meet the urgent medical needs that we continually encounter during our work in these developing nations.The needs can be overwhelming—at first glance it would seem that individually we can’t do much.

However, together we can literally save many lives and help whole communities to access essential health services.

Your tax deductible gift will be greatly appreciated and will have a huge impact on those who are in greatest need.

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Jorge Rodrigues
Executive Director
Samaritan’s Purse Australia/New Zealand

Ecuador earthquakeThe devastation caused by the earthquake in Ecuador.