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Vocational Training gives Bui Thi Thao a Bright Future

I was truly moved recently, by a letter from a 16-year-old girl in Vietnam, and I’d like to share her story with you.

Bui Thi Thao was just a tiny girl of two years old when her mother died because the family did not have the income to buy the medicine needed to treat her disease. Lack of income is a killer in poor nations.

Soon after, her grandmother also died. The little girl was sent to live with her uncle. She was bereft and suffered emotionally. She wrote in her letter that her, “mental life declined”, and she dropped out of school. Although Bui Thi dreamed of returning to school, she could not because a lack of income in her uncle’s family meant they could only provide her with food – there was no money for education.

Bui Thi's life sparkles now that she attends Hoa Sua Vocational Training Centre.

Bui Thi’s life sparkles now that she attends Hoa Sua Vocational Training Centre.

Bui Thi’s life was a bleak and joyless existence.

Then one day, Samaritan’s Purse sponsored her to attend Hoa Sua Vocational Training School in Hanoi. For Bui Thi, it was her dream come true. She describes Samaritan’s Purse as being like a bright guiding star in her life.

My life sparkles with more colours and happiness…I enjoy my life more, no longer feel sad, and usually look forward to the life-value training sessions and extra-curriculum activities. Samaritan’s Purse brothers and sisters often care for me and talk to me, so that I have more determination and efforts in my life.

Looking back on my previous years, I realise that I was so weak. Since I returned to school and took part in Samaritan’s Purse activities, I feel stronger. I understand that all difficulties will be gone; I should always try and try to build a more beautiful and better life. I have known how to dream, to study hard to get a good job. I want to earn money and experience, then further my studies to achieve my goal of becoming a professional fashion designer.

Without Samaritan’s Purse in my life, I would ever be a country girl who could never stand firmly in the winds and waves of my life and never pursue my hopes and dreams. Without Samaritan’s Purse, I would not know how to try to become a good member of the society. A song lyric happen to come to mind, “I dream of a bright guiding star to show me the way in my life….”

Bui Thi’s life has been transformed and she is full of joy and hope for the future. But what about all those who woke up this morning to another bleak day in crushing poverty?

Will you help us to help others like Bui Thi?

We know that the poor WANT to work. The poor know that building a livelihood that provides income is the only way they can lift themselves out of poverty. They do not want a hand out. They just want a hand up, to get on their feet and get started.

Building a livelihood that provides income restores dignity and helps people,

• feed their families every day,

• pay for their kids to get an education and break the cycle of poverty,

• pay for medicine when they get sick.

The most powerful way of transforming the life of a person in poverty is to empower them to build a livelihood and earn an income.

Please partner with us today and prevent more people dying from a lack of income to pay for medicine as Bui Thi’s mother did.