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Water Filter Provides Safe Water for Families

Samaritan’s Purse is providing safe water to families around the world through BioSand Water Filters (BSF) that save lives, restore health, enable parents to work more and their children to study productively, generally improving the quality of life for filter owners.

The BioSand filter

BioSand Water Filters are an adaptation of slow-sand filtration, designed for use at the household level. The filter removes water-borne bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and other organisms that cause diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, and amoebic dysentery. The filter also strains out the particles and organic matter that cause cloudiness, unpleasant taste, colour, and odour.

Filters can be built on location with local materials. The exterior is made of concrete, with gravel and sand layered inside. Rain, surface, or ground water is poured through the top and filtered as it passes through the layers of sand and gravel. The sand filters 1 litre of water per minute, enough to provide an entire family with sufficient water for their daily drinking, cooking, cleaning, and hygiene needs.

There have been several research studies of BioSand Filters. Among them is research from The Water and Sanitation Program, a partnership administered by the World Bank to help people in need have affordable, safe, and sustainable access to clean water and sanitation.

The World Bank study focuses on households in rural Cambodia, where Samaritan’s Purse and its local partners have been building and installing BioSand Filters for decades. Researchers concluded that households using BSFs experience 47 per cent less diarrhoea diseases than households without BSFs.

Filters save lives

The World Bank study also found that filtering untreated water through BSFs reduces levels of potentially fatal Escherichia (e-coli) bacteria by 95 percent and of turbidity (cloudiness) by 85 percent.

BioSand Water Filters are saving lives. And your donations are helping us build and install thousands of these filters around the world.

The World Health Organisation and UNICEF say the health improvements from a 50-per-cent reduction in the number of people without access to safe water would result in an extra 272 million school attendance days and 320 million productive work days each year in the developing world — resulting in major economic and social benefits.

Through Samaritan’s Purse BioSand Water Filter projects, we are providing access to safe drinking water for communities. Since 1998, our teams and local partners have installed more than 250,000 filters in homes, communities, schools, and clinics, bringing improved water to an estimated 1.5 million individuals worldwide.

Recipients of the filters are also trained in how to use and maintain the filters, as well as basic health and hygiene practices.

School and community filters

Samaritan’s Purse has adapted the household-oriented BioSand Water Filter technology to create significantly larger filters that serve schools (225-300 students and staff) and/or small communities. We are building and installing the filters in countries across southeast Asia.

Support Our Work

For many years, Samaritan’s Purse has been working across the world to bring clean water and hope in Jesus’ Name. Your partnership today can help us continue transforming lives through BioSand Water Filters.

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