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World Medical Mission

What is World Medical Mission?

The doctors are overworked. Equipment is broken. Supplies are running out. Not what you want to see when you walk into a hospital for treatment, is it? But this is exactly what many sick and suffering people in developing countries encounter on a daily basis. No matter how primitive, these hospitals are often their only hope.

World Medical Mission, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, is working to improve such conditions and offer these patients hope in the Name of Jesus Christ. We provide evangelical mission hospitals and clinics with the resources they need — equipment, supplies, and physicians and biomedical technicians.

Since being founded in 1977, we now have Christian physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals on short-term volunteer service assignments at mission hospitals and clinics in Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Who serves with World Medical Mission?

World Medical Mission is a volunteer opportunity for Christian physicians, dentists, and other medical personnel in short-term service at mission hospitals and clinics around the world. In most areas we welcome families to serve and travel as a unit.

Our volunteers serve in partner hospitals around the world. We need flexible people who are resourceful and competent professionals with the ability to be adaptable in the midst of diverse medical situations.

Is World Medical Mission right for you?

  • Are you a certified licensed medical professional?
  • Can you work and live in a variety of conditions?
  • Are you available to serve for two weeks up to two one-year terms of service?
  • Do you have a heart for sharing the love of Christ with those who are hurting?

Due to software updates, applications are not being accepted at this time. Please check back, starting 30 September, to apply.

If you have questions about World Medical Mission, please contact our International Head Office here.

Post-Residency Program

The World Medical Mission Post-Residency Program is a fully funded two-year program for Christian physicians, dentists and their families who have been called to medical missions, serving needy people overseas in the Name of Jesus. We provide logistical and financial support and may also be able to help you find assistance for repaying student loans while you serve alongside career medical missionaries.

The Post-Residency Program is designed to introduce physicians and dentists to the blessings and opportunities in medical missions. Physicians will work within their specialty, but as with all medical mission experiences, flexibility is essential and physicians will care for a wide variety of patients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Post-Residency Program?

This two-year program was designed for gifted and exceptionally dedicated Christian physicians who feel called to a career in medical missions. Successful applicants can expect to serve in developing countries, receive cross cultural exposure and experience, and perform humanitarian relief through their medical skills. The program provides practical help to those on the field by meeting the medical needs of those being served.

How do I apply for the Post-Residency Program?

All potential volunteers must complete a Post-Residency Program application and provide required references. They must also agree to and sign our Statement of Faith, Statement of Christian Conduct and Statement of Practice. Applications then undergo an approval process, and final placements are based on the needs of the mission hospitals as well as the interests and availability of the Post-Resident.

Who determines my Post-Residency assignment?

A committee comprised of senior staff members will review your application. The information from your application packet will be considered for approval and field assignment. We will work with you to determine where to best place you depending on the needs of the hospital.

Who pays my expenses?

World Medical Mission will pay for your airfare, insurance coverage, immunisations, room, board and all ministry related expenses as well as a modest allowance. Our office will arrange housing and travel details, including in country transportation.

What type of documents will I need?

All international assignments will require a passport that is valid for at least one year beyond the ending service date. Some countries may require an entry visa, medical license and/or work permit. We will assist you with these requirements.

What about my family?

Families will travel and serve as a unit.

Will I receive an orientation?

You will be required to attend a 10 day orientation and training program with our International Head Office in the United States. We will work with you to ensure that you receive informational materials prior to your departure.