Disaster relief work in southwestern Florida is ongoing even three months after Hurricane Ian made landfall back in September 2022. The storm caused incredible damage and families are continuing to begin the recovery process.

To date, more than 8,000 Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief volunteers including 4 Australians have served over 2,800 families, but hundreds more await assistance.


Grateful to God in Florida

Jan 17, 2023

Samaritan’s Purse deployed staff, equipment, and an army of volunteers to heavily damaged areas of southwest Florida immediately after Hurricane Ian slammed ashore as a Category 4 storm in late September. Thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed by powerful wind, storm surge, and rain. It was among the most powerful storms ever to strike the U.S. mainland.

Now, more than three months later, we still have many teams of volunteers working there in Jesus’ Name, as they help devastated homeowners clean up their properties and share with them the hope found only in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Among the 8,000 volunteers, are 4 of our own Australian Disaster Relief Team Volunteers who are trained Site Leadership Team (SLT) members, who deployed during October to assist in the relief response in the country’s south.

The destruction caused by Hurricane Ian is no longer in the news, but hundreds are still hurting. Many feel abandoned and forgotten. We want these residents to know that God hasn’t forgotten them and that He loves them. Will you prayerfully consider volunteering with us to show Christlike love to those still in need?

Laura and Shirley are two homeowners we recently helped.

“Without Samaritan’s Purse, I have no idea what I would have done,” Laura said. “I’m sure [the work the volunteers are doing] is helping a lot of people realize how good God is and is spreading the Gospel.”

Shirley agreed.

“Thank God for Samaritans,” she said. “How do you explain the support I’m getting from you guys? I just can’t explain it. It makes me feel so much better.”

To discover more of Laura and Shirley’s stories, view the video above.

Please pray for those in Florida who have lost so much, and for our teams as they continue to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus


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