Health and Nutrition

Samaritan’s Purse is working to improve the health of vulnerable children, families, and communities by providing medical equipment, building health clinics, empowering local health personnel and supporting community health initiatives.

Prenatal & Maternity Care – Obstetric supplies, medicine, specialised training and mobilising local health workers are among the ways we improve the wellbeing of pregnant women and mothers of newborns in remote villages and impoverished communities. This fills a critical gap in healthcare, provides peace of mind for young mothers, and helps save the lives of women and babies.

Medical Equipment & Supplies – Samaritan’s Purse supplies surgical equipment, oxygen concentrators, X-ray systems, patient monitors, stethoscopes, ECG recorders, and other items to parts of the world where quality medical provisions are in short supply. Our technicians install the equipment and teach local staff how to use the machines.

Feeding Programs and Nutrition – Samaritan’s Purse provides nutritious food for severely malnourished children. Our local partners in the community train parents to cook healthy meals and treat diarrhoea in children. We also set up herb and vegetable gardens in the village to give local families easy access to a greater range of beneficial food and open an opportunity to learn new skills.

Epidemic Diseases Prevention – Purse fights malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and other epidemic diseases through medical care, health services, hygiene projects and preventative education.

Vulnerable Communities

Samaritan’s Purse works to reach the most vulnerable of these through programs like abuse prevention, safe migration and trafficking awareness, general/child health and disability care and vocational training.

Exploitation – Samaritan’s Purse provides help to children and adults in desperate situations, including victims of exploitation, abandonment, abuse and sex trafficking. We work with Christian partners to protect vulnerable people and restore victims of exploitation.

Human Trafficking Awareness – Samaritan’s Purse runs programs to raise awareness about trafficking and empower families with the ability to provide an income for themselves, increasing their skills and confidence to avoid the human trafficking trap.

Safe Migration – Samaritan’s Purse programs offer migrant workers access to income generation opportunities and psychological support to improve reintegration and increase their resiliency in the community.

Vulnerable Children – Samaritan’s Purse meets the needs of these children by providing vocational training and physiotherapy equipment, such as wheelchairs and hearing aids.

Church Resourcing

Samaritan’s Purse is mobilising faithful believers in dozens of countries to proclaim the Good News by providing evangelistic training and a wide variety of outreach tools including audio/visual equipment, Bible instruction, and other resources.

Bibles and Christian Literature – Around the globe, Samaritan’s Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to bring the transforming power of God’s Word to the lost and suffering in their own language. Biblical literature equips people to share the hope of the Gospel with their community.

Church Building – We also build churches to provide a place of worship for rural communities across the world. This includes providing church leaders with the tools, equipment and resources needed to maintain the church building.

Stories from the Field