Become A Monthly Partner

Becoming a Samaritan’s Purse monthly partner means giving monthly to a project that you are passionate about, your Heart Project. Giving monthly enables long term change in the lives of children, families and communities through projects like, Disaster Relief, Water, Education, Operation Christmas Child and more. The special thing about monthly partnerships is the holistic approach; with your contribution you support projects that accompany children, families and communities to help them achieve sustainable economic independence and a better quality of life.

You are a blessing to others!

What is your Heart Project?

Australian Disaster Relief

Through your partnership with Australian Disaster Relief, you are actively contributing to the support and recovery efforts for individuals and families affected by major disasters. These disasters encompass a wide range, including devastating bushfires, destructive floods, powerful cyclones, and more. Your support plays a crucial role in providing much-needed assistance during these challenging times, helping affected communities regain stability and rebuild their lives.

International Disaster Relief

By partnering with International Disaster Relief you are providing aid to people in countries around the world after a major disaster. Your support enables critical assistance such as Emergency Field Hospitals, essential food distribution, medical supplies, and other vital resources. Additionally, your contribution is eligible for tax deduction in Australia, making it a meaningful and impactful way to make a difference.

Operation Christmas Child – Sponsor A Box

By contributing monthly to Operation Christmas Child you are actively sponsoring shoebox gifts that have been carefully packed. Your commitment helps cover the costs associated with gathering the shoeboxes, arranging safe transportation, managing paperwork, producing resources, and conducting crucial training programs in receiving countries.Although donations towards Operation Christmas Child are not tax deductible, the impact you make in the lives of these children are immeasurable.


By partnering in Education, you are enabling the establishment of new school buildings, enhance access to quality education and STEM programs for children, and providing essential teacher training in vulnerable communities across the globe. Your partnership enables the transformation of education in Cambodia, ensuring that children receive the education they deserve. Your generous contribution is eligible for tax deduction in Australia, making it a wise investment in the future of these communities and their children.


Water, a fundamental necessity for life, remains crucial to communities and individuals worldwide. In recognition of this vital need, Samaritan’s Purse undertakes the critical mission of drilling wells, constructing water pipes in villages, supplying water tanks to communities, and distributing bio-sand water filters to families. By partnering with Samaritan’s Purse, you directly contribute to ensuring access to clean and safe water for those in need. Your generosity, coupled with the option of tax-deductible donation in Australia, enables the transformation of lives and the promotion of health and well-being in communities across the globe.

Animals and Agriculture

Your partnership with Animals and Agriculture enables the transformation of lives and establishes sustainable livelihoods. Samaritan’s Purse is dedicated to equipping these families by providing them with essential resources such as livestock, chickens, honeybees, farming crops, and invaluable equipment. Comprehensive training is offered to ensure recipients have the necessary skills for building a sustainable future. As an added benefit, your generous contribution is eligible for tax deduction in Australia, making it an impactful investment in creating a better future for these communities.

Where Most Needed

When you choose to give to Where Most Needed, you enable Samaritan’s Purse to direct funds to projects that require immediate support. Your contribution can make a significant impact across a wide range of areas, including Education, Water, International Disaster Relief, Australian Disaster Relief, Animals and Agriculture, Health/Medical, Vulnerable Communities, and much more. Furthermore, your generous donation is tax-deductible in Australia, making it an impactful and rewarding investment in creating positive change globally.

Your benefits as a Samaritan’s Purse Partner

  1. Certificate – As a valued monthly partner, you will be sent a certificate acknowledging your commitment, along with a fridge magnet to display your support.
  2. Background information –Alongside your certificate, you will receive a brochure packed with invaluable background information. This material will provide you with a deeper understanding of the ministries mission, values, and the meaningful work we undertake.
  3. Impact Reports –As part of our commitment to transparency, you will receive informative and inspiring reports twice a year. Our Mid-year Impact Report and End of Year Project-specific report will keep you updated on the tangible impact your support has made. These reports will showcase the progress achieved, highlight success stories, and demonstrate the real-world difference your contributions are making.
  4. Partnership – When we say ‘partnership’ we mean it! We value your involvement and look forward to maintaining a meaningful connection with you. Whether it’s through phone calls, letters, or email, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or prayer requests you may have.
  5. Annual Statement – During July we will automatically send you an Annual Statement for the past financial year for all tax deductible donations in Australia.

Start Your Partnership Today

You can support a Heart Project for any monthly amount. Monthly partnerships can be set up via credit card or direct deposit. Contact 1300 884 468 (Australia) or 0800 726 274 (New Zealand) to start your partnership today. Alternatively, you complete the form below and we will contact you shortly. You can cancel your monthly giving at anytime, with immediate effect and without explanation.