What We Do

In disasters, wars and emergencies, children and families are often hardest hit. Samaritan’s Purse stands ready to respond at a moment’s notice to humanitarian crises around the world, bringing relief, comfort, physical help and life-saving, emergency aid to victims of war, famine, natural disaster, poverty and disease.

We pre-position supplies in warehouses strategically located around the world so we can quickly respond to crises. When disaster strikes, we deploy Disaster Assistance Response Teams comprised of experienced professionals trained in meeting the needs of disaster victims. And our fleet of aircraft are equipped to deliver emergency supplies and personnel anywhere in the world within twenty-four hours.

We have responded to devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Ecuador, and Nepal; typhoons in the Philippines; and to large-scale refugee crises in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We have sent teams to fight infectious diseases such as Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We also deployed our Emergency Field Hospital to Italy, New York City, California and North Carolina during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Shelter

We provide blankets, tents, poles, and heavy-duty plastic sheeting in disaster situations for people who have lost their homes. We often construct transitional shelters, giving families a place to live while they recover.

Emergency Medicine

Quality healthcare is crucial in the days following a disaster. We stock hospitals and clinics with medicines and supplies, and we also send fully equipped mobile medical teams to reach people who have no other access to medical help.

Life-saving Food

After a disaster, food and water can mean the difference between life and death. We provide emergency food kits that include staples such as rice, beans, soy meal, corn, salt, and cooking oil.

Clean Water

Contaminated water supplies are purified with packets that remove harmful microorganisms. We install community filtration systems that can purify up to 10,000 gallons per day, enough to provide for 2,500 people.

Support Our Work

Support our responses to humanitarian crises around the world. Your gift can help us provide warm blankets, buckets with water filters, cooking utensils, soap, and other daily essentials to give a lifeline to a family that has lost everything, and help them get back on their feet.

Current Responses

PNG Landslide

Without warning, the remote province of Enga experienced a landslide burying entire villages, killing an estimated 2,000+ people, impacting thousands more.

Brazil Floods

Our Disaster Assistance Response Team is in the devastated region where over 100 people have been confirmed dead, 160,000+ displaced and nearly 1.5million affected.

Palestine and Israel Conflict

Samaritan’s Purse is helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of people on both sides of the Israel-Hamas war.

Sudan Food Crisis

Hundreds of thousands fleeing violent conflict in northern Sudan now face a new enemy: starvation.