Live Out Your Faith

Samaritan’s Purse provides opportunities for Christian’s to proclaim, live and share their faith. We believe that through volunteering alongside other Christians, individuals will grow in their faith, build their confidence in sharing their faith, and grow in readiness for service. We aim for each individual to return to their home community excited to share their involvement in ministry.

Australian Disaster Relief

Join our Australian Disaster Relief Team to respond to disasters like bushfires and floods around Australia. We help homeowners after a disaster with jobs such as sifting ash, clearing land of debris, cleaning homes, removing mouldy walls and more.

International Disaster Relief

Join our Disaster Assistance Response Team to respond to disasters like a crisis, earthquakes, cyclones, and more in a medical and logistics capacity.

Operation Christmas Child

Each year over 200,000 shoeboxes are collected, processed and shipped to countries around the world. Operation Christmas Child is a huge program that requires hundreds of volunteers around Australia and New Zealand.

Volunteering for Church and School Groups

Samaritan’s Purse facilitates church and school groups giving them the opportunity to proclaim, live and share their faith. Through Australian and New Zealand Disaster Relief, as well as Operation Christmas Child groups can serve communities in need.