Australian’s Serving in Ukraine

On 18 April, 2022, Channel 9’s A Current Affair (ACA) aired a full-length feature on our Australian DART members who deployed to serve in the Ukraine response. Since the conflict began in late February 2022, 14 DART members from Australia and New Zealand joined with hundreds of DART members from all around the world, assisting injured and displaced people of Ukraine.

Since the conflict began in late February 2022, there are 170 Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) members from all around the world assisting the people of displaced people of Ukraine, to date, there has been six Australian members from all walks of life who have answered the call for help in Ukraine and the surrounding regions.

DART deployments typically run for 4-weeks, and consist of rotating 12-hour shifts with varying duties from medical hospitals and clinics as well as food and essentials distribution.

At a glance, there is a 58-bed emergency field hospital set up in Lviv in western Ukraine, and now 5 medical outposts, strategically placed around key transport hubs to assist with the millions of displaced people fleeing into Poland, Moldova and Romania.

Food and essentials are also being distributed through Samaritan’s Purse’s large church network in Ukraine to those who have no choice but to remain in their country.

Please continue to pray for peace, and also for the safety of the 170 staff serving in Jesus’ Name to help the humanitarian crisis in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine.